The People:
The Fuqua Film Program was established in direct
response to the overwhelming support and hospitality
Antoine Fuqua received when shooting his film
"Brooklyn's Finest" in and around the Van Dyke
Houses in Brownsville Brooklyn during the summer of
2008. Mr. Fuqua's hope is that this opportunity will
inspire young adults to realize their potential. The
Board of Directors and the Advisory Board support
the program's mission.

Educate. Inspire. Create.
Board of Directors:
Antoine Fuqua: Director "Brooklyn's Finest"
John Langley: Producer "Brooklyn's Finest"
John Thompson: Executive Producer "Brooklyn's Finest"
Elie Cohn: Executive Producer "Brooklyn's Finest"
Robert Greenhut: Executive Producer "Brooklyn's Finest"
Kat Samick: Co-Producer "Brooklyn's Finest"
Matt Coleman: Fuqua Film Program Director

Advisory Board:
Tyrone Lewis: Director of Van Dyke Community Center
Lisa Kenner: Van Dyke Resident Association President
Stanley Ridges: Superintendent Van Dyke Houses
Ahsaan Mitchell: member of Van Dyke Community
Davedrena Harris: Advisory Committee at Van Dyke Community Center
Marlon Forbes: NYCHA Deputy Director Brooklyn Community Centers